GDPR Data Protection Policy

GDPR Data Protection Privacy Policy – 23rd May 2018


What data do we store?

Dance2tone Ltd – Popsteps store the full names of parents and children who currently attend our classes, as well as some who have previously attended. Parents email addresses, phone numbers and, where appropriate, home addresses are stored.

Why do we store these details?

We store these details so we are able to contact you in case of an emergency. This may include incidents involving your child during class time, the absence of the designated adult collecting your child from class and other important information we may have regarding your child. We may also from time to time send you information for our up and coming events that the children are invited to, including sign up forms sponsorship forms and other such updates.

How do we store these details?

We will store these details either securely on a password protected laptop or in a locked filing cabinet at our business address. Instructors and other members of staff do not have permission to keep and share your information with anybody apart from myself as the business owner.

You have the right to cancel your permissions at any time. Simply contact us either at or on 07495125599, and I will remove your details from our system


The lawful basis for retaining these details is consent. However, for any children currently attending our classes, we will automatically retain this information under the lawful basis of vital interest. Should you chose to remove these permissions at any stage, as is your legal right, you do so at your own risk and in the full understanding that we will be unable to contact you regarding your child in the case of emergency.

This data will typically be deleted 1 year after a person last uses our services.


Business contacts

For the purposes of our business contacts, we will also retain any information we have. This includes business email addresses, phone numbers, business addresses and other similar information. The lawful basis for this will be legitimate interest, if it is in our mutual benefit to do so, and we have a working partnership. This data is used purely for business purposes and shared only with people relevant to our working relationship. This information is secured either on a password protected laptop, or in a locked filing cabinet at my business address. Again, these permissions may be withdrawn at any point, and any details will be removed from our systems.

Any of the stored information we hold is readily available upon request or for the purposes of a Subject Access Request.